Digital and Social

Connecting and engaging with
your audience through developing
effective digital,visual and
social Media strategies.



Matching your company vision to your customers is crucial when considering the most effective strategy.


Is your Digital Marketing achieving the desired results from your customers? Do you provide the right content and have you been running the most effective media campaigns? If the answer is NO, it’s time for you to visit Contrast Advertising. As a Dubai based full service agency, we can deliver the right content and campaigns to get you noticed.


There are a number of approaches and techniques we take when tailoring the right digital and social strategy for you



Content is key! It is critical to have compelling, concise and engaging content. To achieve this, Contract advertising conduct a thorough study of your business, to create a digital content strategy with the aim of delivering cutting-edge content




Fail to capture the minds of your target audience and you lose your marketing edge, so whether it’s a promo video, infographic design & animation or an interactive presentation, Contrast advertising can deliver the full video production package



Retouching and Photo Mixing


‘A picture speaks a thousand words’

This old adage is still true today and the right or wrong images can make or break a campaign.


In today’s digital marketing strategies, visuals are everything. It’s a great way of showing your customers the products they’re going to use, taste, experience or wear before they decide whether to make the purchase and all without having to leave the house.


Whether your brand is corporate or creative, custom corporate photography is the key to setting yourself apart as a unique way of showcasing your products, locations, teams and live events, so don’t use old stock photos but contact Contrast Advertising to handle all of your photography needs



To engage your audience, we offer killer content that sells!

Your site’s copy only has mere seconds to really engage the visitor, so it needs to pack a punch!

As professional copywriters who create, design and script your copy, ensuring that you receive a copy that will seek attention and compel your audience to convert!

Whether you need a copy for your website, a post to boost your social media campaign, or an article for a directory – Contrast Advertising will help you through.


Social Media Activations & Campaigns


Digital marketing is often the only way in today’s world of supplying quality content without paying for additional advertising.


By combining the power of social media together with email marketing campaigns, video Production, copywriting and translation, Contract Advertising can create and manage an effective campaign and ensure maximum coverage for your brand.

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Online presence analysis

Advertising & Digital Media Buying


If money is going to be spent on advertising, we want to ensure that the right people are getting the right message at the right time so that they not only initially engage with your brand but continue to do so


Following our in-depth company study and formulated Marketing strategy, Contrast advertising makes the most effective recommendations in order to combine digital, content, social and print advertising campaigns for your brand.


From Animated banner marketing to sponsored link advertising and even print media, both a digital and tangible advertising campaign often goes hand in hand with your social media marketing.



At Contrast, we appreciate the need to speak the language of your consumers, and our team of qualified translators, and proof-readers consistently deliver detailed and accurate work to ensure that the language of your business is pitch-perfect.

Typesetting and Graphics

Arabic Video Subtitling

Multicultural Marketing

Arabic Document Translation & Management

Arabic Transcription

Arabic-language Voiceovers

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